Friday, December 26, 2008

Yoga Entangled Between Fatwas

Yesterday only i was reading an article in newspaper regarding newly issued fatwa by Malaysia's fatwa council and according to them practicing yoga by any muslim is haram. They say yoga destroys muslim faith. I really don't understand what logic they have used which has pushed them to issue this kind of fatwa.
According to them yoga involves worshipping and chanting which is against islam and considered as haram, but here i surely believe that all the muslims or other people who practice yoga is mainly for their physical and mental health. As its been proved that yoga helps to keep mind calm, it helps to keep balance between body, mind and soul. People who follow yoga firmly believe in this and thats the main reason they follows and practice it.
All the muslims who follow yoga they just follow yoga, they don't preach Hinduism.
Here iam using same words of an article, "one of the women said if somebody is eating italian or japanese food it does not mean that they want to become an Italian or Japanese"
These clerics should think twice before issuing these kind of fatwas, because these kind of fatwas shows their utter narrow mindedness and backward thinking........But thank god now a days people are well educated and they really know what is good or bad for them.

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  1. moreover if you notice closely, when they pray they are doing asanas (yoga postures) so what is the big deal i wonder?!