Monday, December 29, 2008

Back To The Momory Lanes Of 10 Model

For the last few days a was thinking what to write next? but this time i wanted to write something with which everybody can relate to. So i thought why not to write about my most memorable days. Iam talking about my school days. But now when i have decided to write, iam not able to recollect my thoughts, trying to capture all those precious moments, iam still thinking from where to start.

The 10 model, its not a full name of school, actually full name is Govt Model Senior Secondary School, Sector 10 Chandigarh and we use to call it 10 model, this is a place where i had spent magnificant 14 years of my life from Pre nursery to class 12th.

During my early days, i think till upper KG, my father used to drop me to school, on his bicycle and i used to sit on the top of that tiny seat. On the way he used to buy one cadbury and give to me everyday, then mom used to come by afternoon to pick me up. Bicyle upgraded to scooter, then they hired rikshaw for me to commute and later i started to travel by bus.

Every year class room changed, books changed, teachers changed, roll number changed, benches changed, few news students used to add up in group, but we never changed.

Now when iam sinking into the nostalgia of my school time, all old momories are coming alive, how we used to carry big heavy bags, full of books, notebooks for class work, notebooks for homework, wrapped with flashy cover and beautifull name sticker on top. while writing all this there is a naughty smile on my face and iam thinking about all the mischiefs which we use to do.
How we used to reach school early just to see english teacher has come or not, how we used to miss prayer time, how we used to eat lunch of all before lunch time only, how we used to cheer for school perfect during election time( not for the candidate, basically for the candies which they used to give), how we used to play cricket in the class room with broken benches or which we especially broke to play, how every winter we used to turn our fans into lotus and then used to crib in summer, how we use cheat during exams, how we used to make pairs and then used to tease each other with that, how we used keep nick names for our teacher like we had very famous one "Helicopter."

Those 14 years has given me everything, friends for lifetime, there are few who are with me from pre nursery to till date, what ever iam today, foundation of that had been laid down in that school only, their are few teachers who are still very dear to my heart like Ms Rita rani, Ms Kanchan, Ms Amita, Ms Surender Kaur. But today i really don't know where they are?( other then Ms Amita) what they are doing? how they are? i hope they all are fine and doing well.

Now its been almost 7 years that i have been to that area, but earlier whenever i used to pass through near by road, i really used to feel proud that, this is a school where i have studied, where most innocent days, most memorable days of my life lies.

After writing this much iam still in nostalgia and i feel after reading, you are also in a nostalgia of your school time..... keep thinking and keep smiling....

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