Friday, December 19, 2008


Today is my first day to blogger. Actually i was looking for something in google and found one of my friend Kuldeep's blog and i really felt inspired by his blogs.
so now iam here with you all.


  1. chef
    i feel happy and embarressed both at same time
    happy that u got a platform to express urself and embarressed that you got inspired by me
    wish it was true actually its always other way around
    i am always in awe of you.hahahahaha
    you are like an encyclopedia to me
    a friend whom i can trust forever
    and can call at anytime of day or night and be sure
    you will never disaapointment me
    today first time i read you
    you are fantastic chef....i am sure
    you inspire a lot as you do me
    love your sincerety and honesty
    do try sometimes to achieve by always following
    love you and miss my dera friend's presence in same kitchen or even same hotel/restaurant
    keep writing

  2. Hey thanks kullu, for all appreciation.... yes its true this time I really felt inspired by ur blog.