Friday, December 19, 2008

Hard To Believe

Somebody has very rightly said that as a human being we tend to appreciate things when we loose it, But here it's not a particular thing, it was my friend Hemant Talim who lost his life in last month's Mumbai Terrorist attack. It's really hard to believe that something of this could happen to any of my friends.
I can still remember my last conversation with Hemant, on the night of attack, it was allmost 11.00 pm, i was listening to music in radio and i heard about attack. I called up Hemant , he picked up the call, spoke to me for exact 30 seconds and told me that he is fine and he will call tomorrow. I felt little relieved but at that moment i did not knew it would be my last conversation with my dear friend. Hemant had been shot and was in hospital for a week fighting with life and death but could not win. Today its been more then a week to his funeral but iam still trying to convince myself.
This adversity has refreshed mine old memories with Hemant, we use to call him Chicken, it was his nick name from collage time and we kept that legacy. we both use to fight during our project presentations and on other small small issue, but i feel these small fights only created bond between us and we started to gel together.
Today when he has left, we all are in shock, in dilemma, what to do, how to react to this situation. I was in dilemma to call his parents or not, i really did not knew what i will say to them, but i called, his dad picked up and i was tight lipped, speachless to ask anything.
Hemant's death has build somekind of fear in me, it has forced me to think what will happen, if something of this happened to me?
But fact is he is not there and i have to believe that, but his memories, his fights, his jokes and the way he use to mimic chicken will always be there with me.
Lets pray, his soul lives in peace.


  1. well a loss of a loved one is always hard to beleive ...more so when it happens to be the way it happened to your friend words will console the heart.....but beleive me Deepak deep down i think every Indian would feel this in his/her own way.....just like i feel for your friend and the many Hemants who so innocently lost their lives on that fateful night. Let us pray that such gruesome stories are never heard of again.....

  2. may his soul rest in peace and pray for peace

  3. Hi there , just was surfing your blog and saw this post and could stop myself from writing since i also survived by the daeth of my beloved.
    Life is so uncertain, we waste time in fighting and worrying about useless stuff , so what i learn in past months is live life to fullest , dont harm anyone ,help other and dont worry over small matters. We have no control over death so accept it .Take care !

  4. The pain will always remain. But a wish and a hope for strength to deal with the pain and loss. When people go away they will always leave something for you to share, let the memories make you remember the good times, atleast that's there.

    i wish those attacks never happened, never in the future should they! they are senseless and ruthless.leaving our minds and souls deprived. unanswered questions, which actually dont have any answers haunt many of us. still all that there is a wish and a hope.

    good luck
    friend (friend because the pain of loss is mutual)