Thursday, February 19, 2009

Sukhna Lake....

Sukhna lake is Chandigarh's first man made lake and has its own charm, It is situated at one end of the city, surrounded by lush greenery and Shivalik mountains. During my childhood times, I used to accompany my father while fishing. Sukhna is chandigarh's famous tourist and activity spot.
Now a days UT admin. is making many more artificial lakes around the city, but I feel still Sukhna lake holds its very own place in Chandigarh's heart.
P.S I am sorry friends that I am posting something after a long time.


  1. greattt news buddy...u got what u were looking u know dubai is not the same and lots of negativity in the air...lemme solve the prob with my blog..and get back to u...keep up yr cheers boss..catch up soon..

  2. thnx for the informative post

  3. lovely capture n info, nice to see u after long break
    Peace, god bless

  4. A really long time it has been. Hope you are doing fine.

    How do they 'make' lakes anyway? Puzzles me. I have also been puzzled with questions like

    How do lightnings form?

    And there was another question I forgot to make a note of - so I basically forgot the question :D

    BTW, whats that floating on the water?

  5. I agree..!!
    Sukhna is no less than a surrogate mother for the tricity poeple..
    Its my favorite hide-out..

  6. buddyyy...missed u so much man..and u ditched dubai!!!left us alone here..joking visit
    catch up..take care..

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