Thursday, January 8, 2009

Still Going (Growing) Strong

I would like to dedicate my first picture post to Ms. Priyanka Khot, as after reading her blogs i have become admirer of her writing style and i can assure you if you read her blogs, you will also get addicted to those.
Ok now lets talk about these pictures, I had clicked these pictures almost four months back, when i was working with Taj. This is some 80 years old Rubber tree situated in Taj West End Bangalore, which itself is more then 100 years old property.
There were two thoughts in mind when i had clicked this picture. 1. It seems, like some one is standing with his arms wide open. 2. Its long branches looks like a jata (hairs) of old sadhu baba.
So what's the first thought comes in your mind when you see this huge tree?


  1. First thought? ok. If your mind is firmly rooted in wisdom like this tree, you live and shine like this tree-age no bar..what say? congrats on your great blog..

  2. First thought - rather a song

    "I got the whole world, in my hands..
    I got the whole wide world in my hands!"

    Second thought -

    Reminds me of a person with a deep rooted wisdom with a eerie quality about him.

  3. Thx vinisha, Nice thought and prespective.