Thursday, January 22, 2009

Honored..... Hey..My First Award...

I received my first award from Ms Prachi Pandey a team member of Delhi with Avinash & Friends and they had received this award from Tripti Joshi at Life is a Quest . If you read Avinash's and his teams blogs, you will really feel great, he writes awesome poems, an articles and his team clicks amazing pics from daily delhi life. Thanks Prachi and many thanks to your team, I really felt honored.

The rules for the Friendship Award are simple:-*Copy the badge and put it on your blog.*Link back to the one who passed this tag to you.*Spread this tag to at least 4 bloggers or more who you think you are friends with.

I would like to pass on this special award to:

1. Ms Nitu at nituscorner

2.Ms Priyanka Khot at Delhi Photo Diary

3.Ms Vinisha at sanglife

4. Mr Ramesh at Global Madrasi

I really like to read all of your blogs and your sepcial commens, so thanks to all of you for good writing.
keep it up!!


  1. buddy...thanks is a tiny word but it is strong when it comes straight fm the heart..what say??? bless achieve lots of things in life and start a 6*hotel where all v bloggers will come for opening party.hahah bye

  2. a award well desrved sir for the lovely blog of urs
    Have a nice week end